County Kildare Chamber has a seat on each of the following boards, committees and working groups so as to ensure business interests are at the heart of local and regional policy and initiatives.

Chambers Ireland

CEO Allan Shine

Chambers Ireland’s mission is to represent the interests of member companies; to promote business competitiveness in Ireland and to enable the development of the chamber movement throughout the island. Its main areas of activities are as follows:

  • Lobbying Government on policy to create a better environment for business
  • Supporting SMEs
  • Facilitating trade
  • Strengthening the Chamber Network

Chambers Ireland Policy Council

Workplace and Skills Taskforce

Sinead Ronan, Public Affairs Manager @ County Kildare Chamber

The taskforce was created as a collaborative body within the Chamber Network to better leverage the skills and expertise of Chambers staff and members with knowledge of policy in the  workplace and skills area. The objective of the Taskforce groups is to influence national and international policy, as well as informing members on issues of significance

Mid East Regional Enterprise Plan

Sinead Ronan, Public Affairs Manager @ County Kildare Chamber

The Mid-East Regional Enterprise Plan builds on the success of the Mid-East Regional Action Plan for Jobs (2016–2017) to ensure that it remains effective and that it continues to deliver jobs across the Mid-East region and can be robust to address the challenges we face, including Brexit

Mid East Regional Skills Forum

Sinead Ronan, Public Affairs Manager @ County Kildare Chamber

The Network of Regional Skills Fora was created in 2016 as part of the Government’s National Skills Strategy to provide an opportunity for employers and the education and training system to work together to meet the emerging skills needs of their regions

Kildare Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

Sinead Ronan, Public Affairs Manager @ County Kildare Chamber

Kildare Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) was established in 2014. LCDCs are established in all Local Authorities and are part of Local Government Reform. They have a key function to achieve joined up approaches to local and community development.

Kildare County Council Strategic Policy Committees

County Kildare Chamber have nominees on the following SPC’s

  • Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning
  • Transportation, Safety and Emergency Services
  • Local Community and Cultural
  • Climate
  • Environmental Services and Water

Allenwood Community and Development Association

Chairperson  CEO Allan Shine

ACDAL is a Not for Profit Company with any surpluses generated re-invested back into the company.  The company primarily consists of three segments, namely:

The Enterprise Park, The Training Centre and Bright Sparks Community Creche

MERITS ( Mid East Regional Innovation Thinkspace)

Director and Board Member  CEO Allan Shine

MERITS ( Opening November 2020)

The first-ever tech hub for Co Kildare. Located beside the county council offices on Devoy Road in Naas, the Mid-East Regional Innovation Think Space (MERITS) in Naas will provide a dynamic space for more than 100 technology workers when the development opens this November.  The hub will serve the emerging tech sector and act as a centre of excellence in supporting innovation within small businesses

County Kildare Leader Partnership

Noel Dempsey

CKLP are responsible for the delivery of rural, enterprise, social inclusion and community development initiatives in County Kildare

Kildare Economic Forum

CEO Allan Shine

The Economic Forum comprises of a mix of business leaders and local government who meet regularly to discuss the economic activity within County Kildare