County Kildare Chamber is the representative business organisation in Kildare with more than 400 member companies spanning from small to medium to multinational organisations.


We reflect the broad interests of Kildare businesses to policymakers, decision makers and opinion formers at every level.

Our role is to explore and highlight issues that could potentially hinder the continued economic growth, success and prosperity of our county. We aim to create an environment that aids and supports our members’ success and growth.

We are a vocal campaigner, advancing the case for matters that concern our members and their employees.

We seek to positively influence and shape policy proposals, legislation and regulation relevant to Kildare businesses – we are the only business organisation in our region that is recognised by the local authority, public policy players and National Government.

Our research can cover any issue of relevance to our member companies; including skills, housing, transport infrastructure and exports. As the region’s most representative business membership organisation, our survey-based research is unique in being truly led by industry.



County Kildare Chamber is registered as a lobbyist with the Standards in Public Office under the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015. A summary of the main provisions of the Act are provided in the link below.

Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015


Our membership of Chambers Ireland, EuroChambres and the International Chamber of Commerce ensures we are briefed daily on the business issues that are of concern to our members.