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The City Centre Doctor Project supports the citizens of the smaller cities/towns to work in an integrated way to develop pragmatic solutions and plans that are sustainable for the revitalisation of their city/town.

Centres of towns/smaller cities which offer a good mix of economic, social and physical environments attract people to work, visit and live there. When the centre of our town/city is alive and attractive, more people want to live in town, all age categories  want to spend more of their leisure time and as a result people  build up relationships and emotional connections with their urban neighbours.

In previous times, the catchment population depended on their town/city centre for work, social, cultural and commercial activity.  In recent decades, as connectivity and mobility have increased, town/city centres have to deal with many challenges in order to survive and thrive.  As a result, the town centres have deteriorated considerably from a commercial and social perspective. In particular, towns/ cities located in the commuter zone, adjacent to large cities are affected by specific challenges.

Naas is a clear example of a town affected by the above circumstances.

Naas, can be resilient and prosperous again in the ‘shadow’ of Dublin. The revival of Naas as a significant “ Town” in its own right and with its own identity  will be achieved when all the stakeholders interests  (Business; Community; Local Authority; Cultural/Heritage Organisations)  work together and build a trusting relationship  for the revitalisation of the town.

This outlines the purpose of the URBACT – City Centre Doctor Project.  There are 9 partner cities/ towns with similar challenges. Each town/city has set up an URBACT Local Group – The Town Revival Team. With our European partners, we build relationships, we share experiences and good practice on how to address challenges, we learn together and  prepare a Sustainable Strategic Plan for each our towns. In the meantime, there are “ quick win” projects and smaller initiatives which can be delivered.


San Donà di PiaveItaly (Lead Partner); Idrija, Slovenia; Petrinja, Croatia; Val  Mez, Czech Republic; Radlin ,Poland; Naas, Ireland; Heerlen, Netherlands; Nort-sur-Erdre, France; Amarante, Portugal


The activities in the project will include:

  • Analysis of partner city centres
  • Transnational learning exchanges between cities
  • Collaboration between local stakeholders in development of local action plans for each city centre
  • Consultation and ideas generation with the business community, residents and consumers
  • Experimentation with pilot/beta actions

More details can be found thru this link www.urbact.eu