Benefit of North Kildare Chamber trip to China with Maynooth University has excellent potential for business in the county

 North Kildare Chamber today (27/02/15) announced that the President of the Chamber,  Niall Browne along with Maynooth University will visit Guangzhou, China in March.    Niall Browne said “ My main focus on this trip is promote Kildare as a business location for Chinese companies.  This is an extremely important visit for the Chamber.  There are several companies in Kildare who do business with China.  My hope is that I can develop business links which will further enable Kildare businesses to engage with the Chinese market.  The Chamber, represents over 320 business members, of which a large amount export to foreign markets”.

Niall continued by saying “This business trip presents the Chamber with a unique opportunity and one that should be harnessed to help foster international trade and tourism links between both Kildare and Guangzhou in China”

A meeting is been held with companies exporting to China on Thursday 5th March in the Chamber main office in Naas. Representatives from several companies that export from Kildare will be in attendance.

Allan Shine, Chief Executive of the Chamber said “  Foreign Direct Investment is high on our agenda for the forthcoming 24 months.  This trip is the first of several planned.  Kildare is an ideal location for FDI and our multinationals in Kildare continue to thrive throughout our innovation corridor with the likes of Kerry, Intel, Pfizer and Hewlett Packard.

We have plenty of appropriately zoned land for more expansion  and we’ve been extremely disappointed in the IDA to date who only facilitated one FDI visit to the county in the last 12 months which is just not good enough for one of the main industrial supporting counties for Dublin and the country.”  The Chamber is focusing on promoting Kildare through international visits such as this visit which the President of the Chamber will be on hand to engage with Chinese companies.