County Kildare Chamber delegation with the Mayor of Quincy MA, Thomas P Koch – during a 5 day trade visit to Boston last October.


Boston Calling!


County Kildare Chamber will lead their second annual trade mission to Boston from 28th September – 2nd October 2020. Last year, three companies that accompanied the Chamber on this trade visit have secured several contracts with Boston based companies.


‘The event far exceeded our expectations with high quality meetings that gave us a real feel for the Boston culture and future plans. Building on our current American customer base, VEI are close to signing an Alliance partnership with a major east coast Telecoms Provider to extend their services into Europe and are exploring options for setting up operations on the ground in the USA.’


Lloyd O’Rourke, Co-Founder of VEI Global


The Chambers engagement to date has seen a visit to Kildare from the Boston Business Association, Quincy Chamber are visiting Kildare in March with 20 businesses and the Mayor of Boston is visiting Kildare later this year. In preparation of this year’s trade mission, the Chamber will be in Boston in February & March continuing our work on promoting Kildare as the location of choice for businesses in the US who are looking to set up their European headquarters, and also promoting Kildare businesses seeking opportunities in the US.


Last year’s County Kildare Chamber trade mission to Boston was the first of a 5-year commitment of visiting Boston annually.  The Trade Mission is part of the Chamber’s ongoing efforts to raise Kildare’s profile internationally, to improve the already-strong bilateral trade and investment linkages with Boston, and to provide a forum for Kildare companies active in the Boston area to develop their relationships with customers, partners, and other stakeholders. The Trade Mission is also part of the business agenda to increase the export market penetration and diversification of Kildare companies post Brexit.


‘For Bank of Ireland Kildare this trade mission to Boston was of tremendous benefit. The 21 delegates took full advantage of the networking opportunity this trip afforded to them which delivered significant value in itself. For me this trip was a great success. I have forged many connections with Boston-based businesses. I have raised the profile of Bank of Ireland Kildare with significant stake holders both here in Ireland and in Boston.’


Clodagh Hughes, Branch Manager Bank of Ireland


“Our annual trade visit to Boston facilitates the introduction of high-level business contacts for Kildare businesses spanning a number of key sectors. During our trade missions, our aim is to promote Kildare and its world-class companies during a series of high-level business engagements with private and public organisations. We also undertake a series of engagements with representatives of the Irish business community in the region.  We promote Kildare as the location of choice for companies in Boston to explore when considering Ireland as their European Headquarters”.


Allan Shine, Chief Executive of County Kildare Chamber


This October, we will have over 20 businesses accompany the Chamber on a 5-day trade visit to Boston where we will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Boston Chamber, promoting Kildare internationally as the premier location. This is made easier with the excellent working relationship we have with our local government, and the vibrant business eco system evident in Kildare.


The memorandum of understanding will be a commitment by both Chamber’s to:

  • Encourage, promote and facilitate effective cooperation in relation to trade, economic, education and industrial activities
  • The two Chamber’s will exchange visits of delegations for the purpose of activating relationships and expanding trade cooperation between their members, they will provide assistance to each other on trade meetings, project seminars and exhibitions
  • The two Chamber’s will develop appropriate means to facilitate networking among their respective membership and to circulate information on business and economic opportunities available in the jurisdiction of their respective organisations
  • The two Chamber’s will assist their members to overcome the difficulties that may arise from trade and exchange operations.


For more information on our trade missions contact Allan in the Chamber office on 045 894 074.