Promozoo has recently launched its Brand Broadcast platform BRAND TV, and is now offering Brand broadcasts and Video on Demand branded communications to our customers.

With our studios in Dublin we work with our clients to create the strategy, shoot and produce the content on a regular basis and serve it out on your website via our BRAND TV platform.

The biggest brands in the world have long used the medium of broadcast – advertising, programmes and video to get their messages out there.

So now it’s your turn.
Imagine your most important customer with a query, visiting your website when they want to, to have their query answered professionally, in an engaging way and to your brand standards.

It’s a competitive world out there. You now have something new on your doorstep to help you.

Watch our BRAND TV short video,21WG0,A8PXU8,7ECUJ,1    and Get Broadcasting.

Talk to us today about how BRAND TV can Broadcast Your Brand on 01 4011860.