Business Community continue the process to secure Purple Flag status for Maynooth

The Purple Flag programme for excellence in the evening and night-time economy (ENTE) has fully established itself in Ireland, following successful applications by Dublin and Ennis in 2013, the total number of flag holders has since risen to 18 on the island of Ireland. A new group of five applicant towns are now striving for this prestigious international accreditation, which is the “gold standard” for ENTE destinations.  Like Blue  Flag for beaches, places that meet the stringent criteria can proudly fly the flag.


As part of Irelands Purple Flag Academy programme, the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) has recently held a hands-on conference and night-walk in Waterford. This event saw over 20 key stakeholders from new applicant towns and cities including Dublin, Maynooth, Limerick, Tralee and Wexford learning from the experience of the Waterford team.

The North Kildare Chamber team consisted of Jennifer Forster ( North Kildare Chamber), Ronan Twohig ( Chamber Executive Committee Member), Martin McMahon (Picaderos Restaurant) and Claira Barbour ( The Glenroyal Hotel)

Jennifer Forster, Membership and Events Manager of the Chamber said: “The awarding of the Purple Flag to Maynooth will further secure its footing as a town looking to the future, thinking innovatively and working together to ensure it will be a strong, energetic, entertaining and adaptable town going forward.   We are looking forward to submitting a very strong application and working with all key stakeholders in Maynooth.  Through effective collaboration, I am sure Maynooth will be the first town in Kildare to be awarded the Purple Flag.”


The Waterford visit is part of the Purple Flag Academy programme which has been guiding the new applicants with five specialist modules to prepare for their Purple Flag submission in October. At the core of the application procedure for the Purple Flag award is an evaluation of the ENTE by the town/city stakeholders themselves – called the self-assessment. This useful and self-critical tool is designed to strengthen collaboration and awareness of the issues, as well as the positive aspects of the experience in that location between 5pm and 5am.

Opportunities for the use of the accreditation in tourism promotion are numerous – in particular through the countries airports, which have multiple connections to Purple Flag towns and cities in the UK.




Picture :  Ronan Twohig (Executive Committee Member of the Chamber), Claira Barbour (The Glenroyal Hotel ) Jennifer Forster (Membership and Events Manager of the Chamber ) and Martin McMahon (Picaderos Restaurant)


About ATCM

ATCM is a not-for profit, mutual organisation that focusses on the creation, development, and management of vibrant and viable town and city centres.  Its membership spans the private, public and third sectors. As the largest organisation of its kind in Europe, ATCM has over the past two decades evolved into an influential voice for the town and city management community, and as a widely respected authority on policy, innovator of research, and best practice example of partnership working and cross sector engagement. For further information see


About Purple Flag

Purple  Flag  is  an  international  accreditation  programme for  town  and  city centres in  the early  evening and night time economy.  It is the “gold standard” for night time destinations.  Like  Blue  Flag  for  beaches,  places  that  meet  the standards  can  fly  the  flag.    Over  65  town  and  city  centres  have  been awarded  Purple  Flags  since  the  scheme  was  launched  by  ATCM  in October 2009; the first places in the Republic of Ireland to achieve the standard were Dublin and Ennis. There are now 18 Irish Purple Flag centres. The scheme is managed by the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM). Purple Flag accredited towns and cities have proven that they are welcoming to everyone, offer safe ways for visitors to travel home after dark and provide a good mix of venues. Purple Flag towns and cities benefit from more visitors, lower crime and anti-social behaviour and improved perceptions of centres.