Cybersecurity is all over the news and ransomware is a risk to all businesses. 

Code In Motion helps businesses protect their data and protect their professional reputations.

We help businesses reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber attack and reduce the impact if such an attack were to succeed.

Our proven assessment approach identifies the main risks quickly. Our practical advice ensures businesses manage these risks effectively.

Our recent contribution to the Chamber’s cybersecurity supplement sets out an action list for every staff member, management team and Board. 

Our online IT cybersecurity assessment tool also provides clear advice for any business – Try it for free at 

Our in-depth understanding of the Central Bank’s expectations of regulated financial businesses enables our clients to uplift their capabilities to meet these expectations.

Code In Motion also enables businesses to comply with data protection law in advance of GDPRs arrival in less than 400 days’ time. If you have access to the personal data of just one EU citizen (e.g. your staff), you are subject to these tough regulations or risk severe penalties. We can help. 

Sam Glynn of Code In Motion will be presenting at this week’s Naas breakfast meeting.