Operations & Process Improvement


Dubako provides a specialist Consultancy Service helping clients optimise their operations and improve processes and workflows.


When working with clients we examine their infrastructure and objectives in order to determine the most appropriate method and process to achieve their goals. Concentrating on measurable results and a clear understanding of the objectives we audit our clients to make sure their environment, workflows, systems and tools are fit for purpose and enhance the operation and processes to help drive the success of their business.


At Dubako our focus is on an in-depth understanding of our clients and how best to effectively and efficiently enable them to work SMARTER.


Solutions need to be appropriate for users and the infrastructure while delivering measurable results that contribute to the success of an organisation. These solutions can be spread across online and offline environments using specific software and tools bespoke to the requirements. When developed and implemented correctly these systems and processes then add value to the organisation and become assets in and of themselves.


Dubako recommend and optimise appropriate operational and process improvements to support business success and growth.


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