Content writer and strategist


Entrepreneurs have great energy and great ideas. They can talk with passion about their business; in a one-to-one or small-group setting, they are confident about the key messages they need to communicate. But those messages can get lost in some of their brand materials. If you’re a business owner, answer this question:

Do all your customer touchpoints tell the same story?

And this one: what is that story that you want your brand to tell?

Eilish Rafferty is an experienced marketing professional who specialises in creating content that helps businesses speak to their target customers in a consistent and compelling way across their marketing channels – traditional and digital.

If you want to be known for one thing, Eilish will help you create content that positions you as that thing everywhere your customer will encounter you. This means that if your target customer were to Google you or your company, they will find a consistent message on your website and your LinkedIn profile, on your Twitter feed and your blog.


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