Jo Collins of Sales Performance has over 20 years experience in sales and sales management. Jo shares with her clients what has served her well in her various roles over the past 20 years. She is a champion for the customer, so she will always focus on the customer experience, and believes if you get that right, business will follow.


Her approach to business improvement is very practical and hands on. Her objective on any project is to look at how she can improve on the existing processes that are in place. Her focus then is on the people, and she will conduct a skills audit to examine, the strengths and the areas that need developing. Jo works with a range of Organizations & Companies, such as SME’s, Golf Clubs, & National Media Organizations in TV, Radio & Newspapers.


Jo offers a very effective solution to SME’s whereby she becomes the external Sales Manager. This is particularly useful in Owner Managed Businesses that have a number of Sales People & need to manage the Sales People on a Weekly or Monthly basis.

Jo also works with a number of Franchises & Franchising Organizations to enable their Members to Grow Their Business.

Jo works with a number of National Hotel Chains to make their Sales People more effective.


Jo provides Training for a number of Skillnets Programmes & works with The National Learning Network to help their staff become more effective in dealing with their Job Seekers.


Jo works directly with the above type of companies, on a contract basis and creates training solutions that are bespoke. Sales Performance also runs a number of open sales workshops; the next one is Professional Selling on the 27th June.

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