Chambers Ireland is delighted to offer SMEs with an interest in Corporate Social Responsibility the opportunity to engage with some of Ireland’s leading CSR practitioners. Members of Chambers

Ireland’s CSR Policy Council have offered their time to meet with small or medium sized enterprises for a one-on-one CSR consultation and guidance session, offering members information on how to get started in CSR, or give advice on building upon existing CSR initiatives.

This is a great opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to meet one-on-one with a CSR specialist for advice and guidance on getting engaged in CSR or promotion and development of existing CSR strategies. The Council comprises of a number of high profile business leaders and CSR specialists.

If your business is interested in meeting with an expert to discuss CSR implementation or the development of your SME’s CSR strategy, Chambers Ireland can organise a meeting with one of their expert Policy Council members who can provide guidance on all things CSR.

This is an excellent chance for a business leader to access a free consultation with proven experts in their field on a wide range of CSR topics. Our advisors will take the time to understand your business needs and help you to implement a CSR strategy that works for you business and staff.

In the document  CSR Guidance Opportunities for SME Members you can find brief bios on some of their CSR Policy Council experts participating in this initiative.

Please contact Elisha for further details: