Alan Clarke, Business Development Manager, PINERGY with Allan Shine North Kildare Chamber and Paul O’Connell, Shareholder and Brand Ambassador of PINERGY at the announcement

Chamber sign partnership to invest in new energy efficient project with PINERGY

North Kildare Chamber is delighted to partner with Pinergy in enhancing its offices and I Hub facilities in Naas.  The Chamber HQ will now become an energy efficient office using Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting and associated fixtures that will be supplied and installed by Pinergy

Allan Shine, Chief Executive of the Chamber said “I am delighted to collaborate with Pinergy on this project.  This announcement highlights the type of strategic investment we as the Chamber are actively embracing to ensure a clean energy and environmental future for our office.  This initiative demonstrates our aim to become more energy efficient and it will also reduce our energy costs quite substantially. By converting to LED lighting in our office and I Hub facilities, the Chamber has taken a crucial step in ensuring that the Chamber progresses towards a more energy efficient environment thus benefitting  the 8 businesses that are currently operating in our I Hub.

Shine continued by saying, “These high efficiency lighting upgrades are a great illustration of how North Kildare Chamber leads by example in saving energy, while reducing costs and our impact on the environment”.


Peter Bastable, Director of PINERGY said “At PINERGY, energy efficiency has always been a core initiative and we are always delighted to see the same passion towards a greener environment reflected by our partners. For this reason we are thrilled to work with North Kildare Chamber and to be able to provide them with smarter, more cost effective energy solutions. This LED upgrade is a small change that will make a huge difference not only the environment but also to their energy costs. We look forward to working with the Chamber for many years and to seeing where this partnership will lead.


Paul O’Connell, Shareholder and Brand Ambassador for PINERGY said, “North Kildare Chamber is now one of the fastest growing business organisations in Ireland and, as such, we feel that this is the right partnership for PINERGY as we also continue to grow. Partnering with this Chamber will give PINERGY a good platform to promote and deliver our LED and smarter technology solutions and we are looking forward to developing our relationship over the forthcoming years.”