County Kildare Chamber are leading a trade mission to Scotland this Wednesday, the 3rd April to assess the Brexit landscape for doing business in the UK. The three day visit will see 15 companies join the Chamber on their first trade visit of the year.


“Business is still there to be done with the UK, just the variables involved in any business arrangement will change as the UK changes its relationship with the EU,” said Allan Shine, CEO County Kildare Chamber.

He believes the trade mission will provide the “perfect opportunity to see the new conditions for doing business in the UK.”


With the prospect of a no-deal Brexit looming shortly, Mr Shine is “strongly encouraging” members to look at how a no-deal, or a variant of this, will impact on their business


We are informing businesses on a daily basis how they can prepare for a no-deal, with information on aspects such as customs, tariffs, administration, VAT, cash flow and currency.


County Kildare Chamber’s trade mission to Scotland will take in visits to John Bean Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning, and there are a considerable number of networking events that include one at Edinburgh Castle.  Businesses from South Dublin Chamber and Fingal Chamber are also on the visit.

Shine concluded by saying. “The Chamber are finalising our second trade visit of the year to Boston in October where members of the Chamber will take part in a 4 day visit of the city.  We will be bringing established businesses on this trade visit who are looking to expand their offering into the US and also companies that are looking to import from the US into Kildare.