An Bord Pleanála

Strategic Infrastructure Division

64 Marlborough Street

Dublin 1

19th February 2014



 Dear Sir/Madam,

North Kildare Chamber of Suite 10, Osprey Business Campus, Devoy Quarter, Naas, Co. Kildare wishes to make this submission in response to the notice published by Kildare County Council on the 20th December 2013 inviting submissions in respect of the proposed M7 Naas – Newbridge Bypass Upgrade Scheme 2013 to be made under Section 47 of the Roads Act 1993.

North Kildare Chamber is the largest Non for Profit Business Organisation in Kildare. We are also one of the fastest growing Chambers in Ireland with members throughout Kildare. Our mission is to work with businesses, community groups, central and local government to provide information, support and the framework that will enable businesses and their employees reach their potential in Kildare.

North Kildare Chamber fully supports and is in favour of the proposed scheme as submitted by Kildare County Council and we welcome the opportunity to make a submission to An Bord Pleanála (the Board) in this regard.

North Kildare Chamber  notes that the proposed scheme is needed for the following reasons:

1. The pressure of traffic northeast of the M7/M9 interchange causes congestion and remediation requires an upgrade of that section of motorway extending from Great Connell to Maudlins at Naas north. The congestion is due to a number of factors, particularly relating to road and interchange capacity.

2.The congestion and safety issues highlighted at the M7 Newhall Interchange during the peak hours are significant and need addressing as conditions are likely to deteriorate further as traffic flow increases over time.

3.The primary need for the scheme is to provide a road network link that can provide the required capacity to cater for the anticipated future year flows and to improve safety along this section of the M7

4.The most appropriate and sustainable solution to remedy this congestion and to improve safety is to widen this section of road within the existing footprint of the M7 and address the local capacity problems at the Newhall interchange.

The benefits of the proposed scheme in terms of economy, safety, environment, accessibility and social inclusion and integration will be significantly positive and long-term.

North Kildare Chamber notes that the proposed M7 Naas to Newbridge By-Pass Upgrade Scheme, in conjunction with other future proposed infrastructure improvements, will provide:

1.Relief to existing motorway congestion along the route;

2.A more balanced distribution of traffic movements between the regional and national road network on the M7; and

3.An improved connection from the motorway network to the existing andproposed employment areas in Naas, Newbridge and beyond.


Having regard to the above, it is the opinion of North Kildare Chamber  that the construction of the proposed M7 Improvement Scheme will be in accordance with Government policy, with National strategies, with the policies of the Regional Planning Guidelines for the Greater Dublin Area, the Kildare County Development Plan, and the Naas Town Development Plan and will be consistent with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

We welcome this proposal by Kildare County Council which will continue to promote integrated and sustainable development within the County and we trust that this submission will be helpful to the Board in this regard.

We respectfully ask that this submission is taken into account in the Board’s consideration of the proposed road scheme.

Yours sincerely,

Niall Browne

North Kildare Chamber President