Chamber Submission to Dublin Road Corridor Naas

Dublin Road Corridor Naas

Dear Sir,

North Kildare Chamber, the largest business organisation in Kildare which represent over 320 businesses has examined in detail the Dublin Road Corridor Naas Proposal.    The Chamber hosted an information meeting on the study in February 2015.  The meeting was attended by in excess of 50 local businesses, community groups and the public.  We have also consulted with our members in Naas (Circa 120).

The loss of 16 car park spaces in Poplar Square is not acceptable.   The potential loss of car park spaces will further hamper business growth in the area.

The aim of the project is to provide safe and attractive infrastructure to encourage greater use of sustainable travel modes for trips to work, education, and for recreation.  The Chamber fully supports this statement and also “to develop Naas as a model town”.

Naas, the capital town of Kildare has a myriad of roads which service the town.  Several of these roads are in planning presently and with proposed road widening, interchanges and road traffic disturbances over the forthcoming few years, the proposed Dublin Road Corridor Naas should not be voted on by our elected councillors until the Northern Section, Blessington Road to Naas Road, of the Inner Relief Road is completed

Niall Browne

North Kildare Chamber President

Sallins Road

Naas Town Centre

Co. Kildare

Tel: 045 894074