EirGrid’s decision to select an underground cable option for a critical, new electricity project that will reinforce the network across Kildare and Meath has been warmly welcomed by County Kildare Chamber.  The Chamber is the largest business organisation in the mid-east region representing 400 companies who employ 39,000 people.


Allan Shine, CEO of the Chamber said, “This project is crucial so that the network is strong enough to carry extra electricity and handle power generated in a variety of ways from many different renewable sources. County Development plans for Meath and Kildare require a sufficient electricity supply in order to zone commercial land. Large indigenous SME’s and our cluster of Multi Nationals need to be confident we can provide a steady supply of power into the future. We require a modern and stable infrastructure with a capacity to meet future demands, we must remain competitive and this project will support the growth of the economy in the region. The demand for data centres particularly in Kildare will be supported by the completion of this project”.


Shine concluded by saying,” The Chamber will continue its dialogue with EirGrid and will host consultation briefing’s later this year once potential route options are identified”