Chamber involvement in EMPLOY.

EMPLOY is a European project involving six partners from across Europe. The project promotes the enhancement of the employability of students in higher education from a non-traditional background (both younger and older) by identifying practices and policies which will enable them to make their transition into the graduate labour market more smoothly and positively

EMPLOY’s definition of non-traditional students  includes those from low-income families, under-represented ethnic and socio-economic groups, mature students, first generation into HE and people with disabilities.

The partners involved are:
• University of Warwick, UK
• National University of Ireland, Maynooth
• University of the Algarve, Portugal
• University of Seville, Spain
• University of Lower Silesia, Poland

The main objective of the project can be seen in the next figure



The Chamber involvement is crucial and is represented by CEO Allan Shine who stated “The round-table discussion was very useful for commencing a dialogue around some of the central themes of the EMPLOY project with a small but significant and diverse body of employer stakeholders. I look forward to our continued collaboration on this EU initiative with Maynooth University.

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