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This is an initial one-hour workshop that has been designed for a small group of 10 to 12

people (in order to maximise discussion and practical exercises) that details the risks,

both material and operational, posed to organisations as a result of the real risk of



Organisations face a number of risks on many fronts, which include external and internal theft and fraud. Organisations must be well-versed on the cause and effect of each problem on the basis it may be called on for answers to mitigate these issues and protect the profitability and protect the assets of your company.


Whilst there are no hard figures recorded in Ireland, a survey undertaken by PwC in 2016 highlighted the average cost of fraud to organisations was €1.7m.


The purpose of the workshop and its content will be for participants to understand what

the threat of fraud and theft looks like and how to manage the same through internal



Workshop Description


This workshop provides an understanding of the fast-paced world of loss prevention,

the day-to-day challenges organisations face, and solutions for the threats facing this

multifaceted business.

The output of this course will include:


  • Understanding of what a fraud looks like
  • Developing an understanding of an Operational and Loss Prevention programme
  • Obtaining a Practical idea of Investigative Practices.


This is an interactive course, which is built around real-life fraud case studies which

will help participants consolidate leading practice and tips.


Most fraudulent activity can be caught by putting effective internal processes and procedures in place to minimise the chances for illegal behaviour. Notwithstanding this, one of the best sources of fraud prevention is your employees.



In order to detect and prevent fraud, employees must first know what to look for, and then what to do about it. Starting with the basics, we suggest you train your employees, so they understand company policies and procedures. Make sure they know and follow all rules and guidelines in managing the threat of theft and fraud.


Workshop Objectives


  • Discuss participants understanding and experiences of fraud
  • Discuss the various fraud types that their organisations could be exposed to
  • Understand how they should respond to an incident

 Fraud Risks


  • Through facilitation, the participants will understand and document the generic issues that they face.
  • We will discuss what tools that are available to the attendees in addressing the fraud risks
  • The attendees will be invited to discuss and document the control issues that they consider need to be reviewed.




  • We will discuss the options of recovery open to organisations and how to report the matter to authorities
  • Attendees, through facilitation will be able to prepare a verbal briefing for management on any reportable matters and identify immediate and priority action steps.


Target Group


This course is aimed at attendees, within any organisation, with a basic understanding and knowledge of fraud.




One Hour Session, Kildare Chamber of Commerce Offices


15th August 2018


4th September 2018


25th September 2018



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