Huge concern today in regards to Temporary Wage Scheme


County Kildare Chamber today (Friday 27th March) highlighted the concerns business face today in regards to the Temporary Wage Scheme.  The uncertainly is of a huge concern to business says Allan Shine, CEO of the Chamber in Kildare. “Businesses are today unsure how to pay staff, and if they can they avail of the temporary scheme. The main problems we have identified and to which we are engaging with government and revenue today are:


  • The inability to pay requirement should be removed. As it stands, Revenue’s guidelines essentially requires an employer to burn through every cash reserve they have to the point of insolvency before they will countenance helping that employer. That should not be the case and the 25% reduction in turnover / customer orders should suffice.
  • The temporary wage scheme should apply to everyone. There should be no salary cap.
  • It technically requires an employer to be insolvent whilst trading. This is problematic under company law and needs to be address today in the Seanad.