Kildare Local Economic and Community Plan Update

County Kildare Local Community Development Committee  comprises of  17 members . There is wide representation on the committee from the local government sector, state agencies, local and community development, and social, economic and community interests.

The LCDC have a key function of achieving a more strategic, joined-up approach to local and community development within Kildare.   The LCDC will develop a County Local and Community Plan, to encompass State-funded local and community development interventions.  Allan Shine, Chief Executive of North Kildare Chamber represents the business interests for the county on the LCDC and is also on the Advisory Board of the LCDC

The intention is to have the maximum level of publicly-funded programmes under the oversight of LCDCs. The County Local Economic and Community Plan will therefore set out an integrated approach to local authority community development programmes, local development programmes funded by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG) and those funded by other Departments.

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If you have a question at this stage or want further information please email or contact Lorcan Griffin (Economic) on 045-980775 or Susan Bookle (Community) on 045 980634 or Allan Shine on 045 894074