The Security Team at Maynooth University , who recently completed intensive professional career training have received their certificates by their employers,  ‘Manguard Plus’, who are contracted to provide security at the campus .


The Naas based firm, which is Ireland’s largest privately owned Irish security company, is leading the field in providing training courses for security staff, who have been trained in disciplines from Counter Terrorism Awareness to Child Protection to Cardiac First Responder.


The training for the Manguard Plus onsite security team at  Maynooth University is the most significant amount of training delivered by the company, and came in at a cost of up to €20,000, an investment that the company says is hugely worthwhile in terms of  excellent staff performance and retention. 


In all, 12 staff were presented with certificates for the training ,much of which used the World Host programme, a globally recognised leader in Customer Service Training. The courses completed included World Host – Principles of Customer Service, WorldHost – Dealing with Disabilities and WorldHost -Service Across Cultures.


Leo Harris , Chief Operating Officer of Manguard Plus says“We are firmly committed to ensuring all our staff are competent, professional and conscientious with the confidence that excellent training and qualifications can bring.  The security industry has undergone huge change over the past few years and is now a highly regulated and professional service with real opportunities for career progression. The calibre of the people we employ here at Manguard Plus reflects this and remains consistently high. Our investment in their further education is a reflection of the respect we have for them and their service. Our clients are looking for a top class service and we pride ourselves on bespoke security solutions for them. As our client base is so diverse our staff deal with all sorts of situations from Counter Terrorism Awareness to Child Protection and we ensure they are fully equipped to deal with those situations. We have used the WorldHost programme for many of the 10 modules these 12 staff undertook, including modules on Principles of Customer Service and Service Across Cultures”.

“Manguard Plus was the first security firm in Ireland to be awarded ‘World Host Recognised Business Status and this was in recognition of our commitment to customer service. .WorldHost is a world class customer service training programme that has been used to train up to 150,000 people in Ireland and the UK .Over 60% of our staff are trained to World Host standards. We are delighted that our hard working and dedicated staff who are being presented with their certificates today came through the course with flying colours and now have additional qualifications which will benefit their careers”.


General Services Manager with Maynooth University, Ivan Griffin, said the training was an ongoing component of the commitment to best practice by Manguard Plus at the campus.

“Training is a fundamental part of the firm’s overall ethos. The Security Team here is vital to the smooth operation of our University and is part of the excellent Customer Service we pride ourselves on. The fact that ‘Manguard Plus’ places such importance in upskilling and training its staff is a testament to its professionalism and commitment to best practise”.  


Zaneta Zukowska, one of the 12 students who were presented with their qualifications said she now feels more confident in her role.


“The training was excellent, it was detailed and very comprehensive and really equips me and the other members of the Security Team at MU with the competence and confidence to do our jobs to the best of our abilities. Security is now being seen as a job with real prospects”.