Graphedia is a Digital Design Agency, established since 2000, supplying Digital Design Services such as Website Design, Ecommerce, Graphic Design, App Development, 3D Animation / Video.  Graphedia have a staff of 4 people, headed up my Owner / Designer Niall Reck and to date have over 700 clients all over Ireland, with some Clients in France, UK and New York.

We pride ourselves in creating intriguing design whilst representing the views and aspirations of our clients. We really love what we do. We’ve grown up digital and digital has grown up with us. Digital no longer just means web, mobile or social. It means interfaces, countless screen types, and real human interaction. If you have a screen then we will design, develop, and create the experience that you, your users and your business need. We look forward to meeting you all.  For more information please visit our website www.graphedia.ie or follow us on facebook and twitter