Corporate Member Linked Finance are securing funding for yet another Kildare Business.

LinkedFinance offer trustworthy small businesses a new viable alternative to borrowing from the banks. Real people like you can lend small amounts to great Irish businesses at very attractive interest rates. The Banks get bypassed, the wheels keep turning and everyone wins!

Person to Person (P2P) lending or Crowd Funding is simple. With LinkedFinance lenders can lend directly to small businesses looking for funding. Crowd Funding provides complete transparency to both the lender and borrower and it brings lending back to basics – a lender simply deposits funds and when there are enough funds available, loans can be made to creditworthy borrowers.

Borrowing – Businesses complete a detailed online application, which forms the basis of their business plan and will include background information on the business, detail on the purpose of the loan, and business financials. Experienced LinkedFinance underwriters use new online tools to carry out identity and credit checks to validate all applications before they can be listed on the website. Once approved, the loan application is posted online for all to see.
Lending – This is a great opportunity for a lender to get a better return than leaving funds in a deposit account. Registering online as a lender takes 3 minutes. Once registered, lenders can browse the full detail on all loan applications and choose which type of businesses to lend to. They can engage with the business directly and ask for any additional detail so that they can make an informed decision.