Lobbying is an integral part of our activities.  Below is an update on the Lobbying Act.  We regularly lobby on behalf of our members.  It is imperative that when we lobby, we record all details as required by the Act.  If a member requires any information, please contact the Chamber office.  Members are not permitted to lobby under the auspices of the Chamber unless agreed by the Chamber Executive in advance .

What is the purpose of the Act?
The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2014 aims;

To provide for establishing and maintaining a register of organisation and individuals who carry on lobbying activities.
To provide for a code of conduct relating to carrying on lobbying activities.
To impose restrictions on involvement in lobbying by certain former designated officials.
In short, the Act aims to establish a web based register of lobbying activity in Ireland with the goal of increasing transparency on “who is contacting whom about what”.

North Kildare Chamber are registered as a lobbying organisation

What does this mean?

Any meetings or communications that take place between the Chamber and a “designated public official” (TDs, Senators, members of local authorities, prescribed public officials etc.as set out under “Designated Public Officals”) will have to be recorded by the Chamber.
The Chamber will then have to file three reports throughout the year that include details of all lobbying activity engaged in by the Chamber.

What are relevant communications?
If a Chamber makes communications on behalf of its members to a designated public official regarding matters similar to those outlined below,it  will be obliged to register as a lobbyist.
The initiation, development or modification of any public policy or programme.
The preparation of legislation.
The award of any grant, loan, contract etc.

Lobbying Activity
A Chamber meets with a local TD to discuss legislation being debated in the Dáil
A Chamber writes to a Minister regarding a matter of public policy
A Chamber makes communications to their local authority or An Bord Pleanala regarding the zoning or development of land
A Chamber makes representations to designated public official in their local authority regarding the award of a grant or a contract
A Chamber makes representations to a designated official in their local authority regarding commercial rates and how they are spent

Not Lobbying Activity
A Chamber makes requests to an elected representative or designated public servant for factual information (e.g. requests for information on the implementation of a policy, programme, award etc)
A Chamber responds to requests for factual information or communications requested by a public service body