A fine result for Maynooth – there were some sites which deserve special mention as they were considerably improved on previous IBAL litter surveys.  The first of these was the Main Street which was very nicely presented and clear of litter.  The Train Station was also noticeably cleaner than before, as was the Approach from the West.  Maynooth Harbour was another top ranking site – it is a lovely amenity which was in very good condition.  There were no seriously littered sites in Maynooth and four sites were moderately littered.



Maynooth University:  Grade A.  Maynooth University has scored very well – not only was it clear of litter throughout (a great feat with so many users of such a large campus) but the overall presentation was excellent e.g. paving, shrubbery, grass, car parking areas etc.  Clearly it is a very well respected and cared for environment.


Maynooth Train Station:  Grade A. Surveyor remarked that there have been considerable improvements at this train station.  The interior was spotless and the exterior was very well presented.


Maynooth Harbour:  Grade A. A wonderful natural amenity, with plenty of ducks and swans about.  ‘Maynooth Harbour’ signage was in excellent condition and railings, waterway, pathway and general environment were in very good order.  To tackle the dog fouling there were some ‘Mutt Mitts’ provided.


Aldi:  Grade B. The car park surface, markings and signage were in good order and fresh in appearance.  However, the site was let down by heavy levels of fast-food wrappers and cans and lower levels of sweet papers, plastic bottles and plastic bags – mostly in the shrubbery area.


St. Mary’s School:  Grade A. The entrance and immediate area surrounding it and the area visible from the road were clear of litter.  It seemed to be well served by litter bins and signage relating to parking / bus lanes was in good order.


Recycle Facility at Aldi:  Grade B. This was a moderately littered recycle facility.  The overall appearance was somewhat untidy, with much of the litter in the surrounding shrubbery area.


Main Street:  Grade A. Surveyor remarked that the Main Street was looking considerably better than many previous IBAL litter surveys.  Not only was it clear of litter but the general presentation was very good e.g. paving, seat, bollards etc.  Some new litter bins certainly contributed to the overall appearance and older ones had been cleaned up.


Approach from West:  Grade A.  This is another site in Maynooth where surveyor has remarked an improvement.  An area near Kilcock had previously been in a poor state has since been cleaned up.


Dunboyne Approach Road:  Grade B.  This route didn’t appear to be as well maintained as that from the West – there was a definite litter presence, mostly food related.


Dublin – Maynooth Link Road:  Grade B. There was a variety of food related litter along this road, particularly on the left hand side between Dublin and Maynooth.