North Kildare Chamber is pleased to announce that Maynooth Town is in the process of applying for the prestigious Purple Flag award with a planned application being submitted later this year.

The Purple Flag is an international accreditation awarded to city and town centres that meet or surpass the standards of excellence in managing the evening and night-time economy. The awarding of a flag symbolises that a location offers an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out.

The Purple Flag application process has brought together a multitude of stakeholders in Maynooth, partnering together to ensure the successful awarding to the town.  The Chamber along with Kildare County Council will fund and coordinate the application.

The Purple Flag is an accreditation similar to that of the Blue Flag for beaches, and is likened to a “gold standard” award for cities and town centres. The application process requires a comprehensive set of standards, management processes and good practice procedures to be in place with regard to  town management with the award specifically focusing on the safety, appeal, movement within and management of the town between the hours of 5pm to 5am.

Allan Shine, Chief Executive of the Chamber said, This is a great opportunity to work together for the further promotion and betterment of Maynooth town. The awarding of the Purple Flag to Maynooth will further secure its footing as a town that is looking to the future, thinking innovatively and working together to ensure a strong, energetic, entertaining and adaptable town for the future. Towns and Cities that have secured the Purple Flag include Waterford, Westport, Sligo and Cork City.”

The first workshop was held in The Glenroyal Hotel with all key stakeholders attending.  Rory Conville, Championship Director of the European Tour was also present and informed the attendees of the upcoming Irish Open which will be held in The K Club and the enormous commercial benefits that this will bring to the town.

Naoise O’Cearuil, Mayor of the Maynooth Municipal District said, at the workshop, The achievement of Purple Flag status for Maynooth will work to positively enhance and promote our town as an excellent place to visit and spend time in. It will act as a strong marketing and promotion tool to those operating in and around the town and indeed in Kildare to reinforce our standing as a great town to visit.  I am delighted that the Chamber is the lead partner in this project along with Kildare County Council.  The Chamber is a dynamic organisation which I am sure will submit a winning application later this year”

Shine concluded by saying, “The work starts now, we are putting together a working group to help assist with application.  Our partners on this project, Kildare County Council have been instrumental to date with both financial and administration support.  We are looking forward to submitting a very strong application and working with all the key stakeholders in Maynooth,  Through effective collaboration, I am sure Maynooth will be the first town in Kildare to be awarded the Purple Flag.”


Allan Shine, Chamber Chef Executive with Rory Conville, Championship Director with The European Tour


Ronan Twohig, House of Finance  Claira Barbour The Glenroyal Hotel  Allan Shine North Kildare Chamber  Gail McGibbon Purple Flag Sligo and Carmen Cronin Purple Flag Ireland  Co Coordinator


Declan Kennedy Bradys Bar  and Restaurant Ronan Twohig  Carmen Cronin, Purple Flag Co Ordinator and Mayor of Maynooth Municipal District Naoise O’Cearuil


Allan Shine, Chief Executive of the Chamber with Carmen Cronin Purple Flag Co Ordinator