North Kildare Chamber today (1/09/2015) welcomes the commencement of the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 which introduces the requirement for lobbyists to record and register their activities with the Standards in Public Office Commission.

Speaking today, Allan Shine, Chief Executive of the Chamber in Kildare said: “ This new register is very welcomed.  North Kildare Chamber recently adopted the Governance Code.  This code ensures that the Chamber is run, directed and controlled effectively.  Our internal policies and procedures comply with this new legislation.   We welcome the legislation and the move towards increased openness and transparency in the way public policy is influenced in Ireland.”

“We see the new requirements as an opportunity to show the constructive and productive dialogue that North Kildare Chamber regularly engage in with public officials and elected representatives around the county.”

“We encourage the Commission to continue to work with the business community, as they have done in recent months, to ensure that the new legislation does not become a barrier to accessing our public officials, but rather a tool that promotes a more open and transparent conversation with them.”