Our CEO Allan Shine is a Director and Board Member of Chambers Ireland.  A seat at the table of the largest business organisation in Ireland allows our voice to be heard.  

County Kildare Chamber calls for the next Government to deliver on commitments in the National Planning Framework and Climate Action Plan and ensure delivery of important infrastructure needed to support the competitiveness and sustainability of our economy.

Allan Shine said,

“Although job creation is at an all-time high, the economic recovery is not being felt in all parts of the country. Under-investment in infrastructure, particularly housing, is detrimental to our quality of life and a substantial threat to our competitiveness and the sustainability of our economic recovery.

Our members want to see Ireland become a more productive, sustainable and inclusive place to do business, and it for this reason that Chambers across Ireland have pledged to advocate for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within the Chambers Ireland  Manifesto, we have used the Goals as a framework for how a new Government can help our towns and businesses thrive.

Read the Chambers Ireland Manifesto HERE