The Chamber’s Business Breakfast for February was held this week in the Osprey Hotel, Naas.  Over 200 were in attendance to hear about the latest marketing mischief that Paddy Power has become famous for across the globe.  Paul Mallon, Head of Major Brand Activations with Paddy Power enthralled the room with antidotes of recent publicity stunts undertaken by the marketing team within Paddy Power.  Paul told the audience to remember 5 things when it comes to marketing your business:

  • Be distinctive
  • Be relevant
  • Be brave
  • Be original
  • Be consistent

James Lawless TD and Pat Barrett Bank of Ireland

The presentation showed video clips of recent marketing stunts that Paddy Power has become renowned for that included Floyd Mayweather’ recent weigh in for the fight with Conor McGregor with Paddy Power branded underwear and the fake news rainforest stunt in the Amazon. 


Allan Shine, CEO of the Chamber said, “We were delighted with the success of the breakfast.  Marketing is such an important tool for business and to hear how to use marketing effectively to promote your business from one of the world’s leading marketing giants Paddy Power was excellent.  Over the next few months we are continuing to  provide the seminars, workshops and business briefings that our members are asking for.  High on our agenda will be briefings on topics such as GDPR, Cyber Crime and its impact for business and we will also be partnering with LEO Kildare on an array of workshops for business”.


200 business leaders from across Kildare