Pendulum Summit – January 8th 2016 –Reduced rate offer for Chamber members

The Pendulum Summit, organised by Frankie Sheahan, is a business and self-empowerment summit and will take place in Dublin, Ireland on January 8th 2016. The summit will bring together up to 3,000 of the most aspiring and motivated individuals from Ireland and abroad, and witness some of the world’s leading speakers from business, leadership, personal development and mindfulness. During this full-day of inspirational speeches, each speaker will reflect on Pendulum’s core values and provide key lessons on success, self-awareness, self-improvement, life-balance and personal satisfaction. This industry inclusive event was born from the premise that every person strives for something more and in essence tries to piece together the magic ingredients which will allow them to maximise their potential in all aspects of their life. See attachment for more information

Chamber Members can avail of a reduced rate of €465.  Tickets  must be purchased before November 23rd. If interested please contact: the chamber office to avail of the discount code for online booking.

For more information on this year’s line up see: