Maurice Fitzpatrick, SME Business Manager PTSB, Susan Harte Territory Sales Manager Kildare PTSB and Brian Campbell Senior Field Consultant with PTSB

County Kildare Chamber this morning announced a sponsorship deal with Permanent TSB which will see PTSB sponsor all network mornings and business lunches in 2019 which the Chamber host.  Allan Shine said, “ We are delighted to partner with PTSB on providing a valued network offering for business throughout the county. 

The partnership includes PTSB sponsoring the weekly network mornings in Naas every Wednesday and the monthly business network lunches held in venues throughout the county.  This deal will allow the Chamber to continue offering the network mornings and  lunches on a complimentary basis for businesses.  There is a rise in attendance at our network mornings and lunches over the past 6 months, on average 35-40 people attend which demonstrates the importance for companies to network and meet with local businesses.


Maurice Fitzpatrick SME Business Manager PTSB, Maureen Bergin President of County Kildare Chamber, Allan Shine CEO County Kildare Chamber,

Susan Harte Territory Sales Manager Kildare PTSB  Brian Campbell Senior Field Consultant with PTSB.