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With a General Election forecasted for February/March, North Kildare Chamber are currently drafting their pre-election manifesto.  Allan Shine, CEO of the Chamber is working with the Chamber membership and businesses in the county to formulate the Chamber’s pre-election manifesto.   Areas that are coming to the forefront are


Current infrastructure in Kildare

Investment in our transport and communications infrastructure is inadequate and the investment by current government is extremely poor.  Lack of high quality broadband coupled with a road network which in parts is not acceptable is dampening our competiveness when attracting FDI.


Supporting Our Business and Entrepreneurs

Muted pre-election talk has started already in regards to a “Living Wage” and an increase in the minimum wage”.  We need to protect and enhance the offerings of our SME’s.  Increases in minimum wage and the new “buzz word” -the living wage must be carefully planned and thought out.  We are only coming out of recession and have yet to see any period of inflation.  Our economy is still quite fragile.    Our tax structures do not incentivise our entrepreneurs to take risks, grow and succeed.   We need the next government to improve our competiveness, support SME’s and also to foster entrepreneurship. 


Investing in Our Social Infrastructure

Adequate investment in childcare, education, and housing are all key issues that are not only social issues but also have a direct effect on our economic growth. The lack of supply in the private housing market is driving wage demands, reducing consumer spending and hindering FDI.  This has become a key issue for business in Kildare.

Skills shortages are growing as our recovery develops and this creates a challenge for our education and training system to ensure that our future skills needs are addressed.  The Chamber are seeking to address this with our collaboration with Maynooth University and KWETB.


Planning and Economic Development

Sustainable economic growth is a priority for business in Kildare. Economic development must be planned on a strategic basis. Our excellent working relationship with Kildare County Council is extremely important.  We continue to promote Kildare as a place to do business and also a place to live in.  The county is successful in attracting businesses to set up or to relocate to.  We need the next government to start focusing on regional areas when promoting and attracting FDI.  Kildare is well equipped to cater for FDI.


In early, 2016, the Chamber policy division will formally launch its pre-election manifesto and meet with all our political parties.