North Kildare Chamber Launch their manifesto for the forthcoming Election

1st February 2016


North Kildare Chamber launched their manifesto for the forthcoming Election this morning in Naas.  The key message is that the incoming Government must be pro-business and most importantly be a stable Government.  It must put small business at the heart of its policies by tackling discriminatory taxation, rising business costs and unfair public procurement practises.  The Chamber’s manifesto outlines the need for Government to promote Kildare as the place to do business in Ireland.

Allan Shine, Chief Executive said, “  Our manifesto is a clear and precise document that supports Kildare businesses.  Collaboration is key going forward between Government and the Chamber network.  We continue to work with business, community groups, central and local Government to provide information, support and the framework that will enable business and their employees reach their potential in Kildare.


North Kildare Chamber Manifesto for General Election 2016