County Kildare, the business organisation in Kildare that represents 400 companies in every town and village in the county today continued their call on the business community in Kildare to pay their suppliers promptly.

“In the midst of the crisis that we all find ourselves in, the need for business to pay their suppliers on time is needed more than ever.  The Chambers Ireland survey published today show that liquidity is still the main concern for the business community. 68% of businesses have invoices outstanding, with €40,000 being the median amount owed  , said Allan Shine, CEO of the Chamber.

County Kildare Chamber is well positioned in the Mid-East Region of Ireland, and is one the most prominent business organisations in the country.

“We all know how important cash flow certainty is for companies and, in particular, for SMEs. It can mean the difference between solvency and bankruptcy. Few things can threaten the survival of a small business more than late payment. It can affect its ability to pay bills, salaries and other operating expenses. . This is causing both huge stress on companies, and on the mental health of many of our business owners.

I know from experience that speeding up payments is absolutely not beyond the realms of possibility. If payments are already progressing through payment systems, it is possible to change the date. We’d like to see large firms act on this message, and pay small suppliers now. Our call for prompt payment of suppliers is essential for businesses to survive, and to keep cashflow fluid within the local economy”.