North Kildare Chamber is pleased to announce that our year long project in partnership with Kildare County Council to seek accreditation for Purple Flag for Maynooth town is in full swing. In April, the working group visited Limerick for a ‘Firm Foundations’ workshop to help us take our first steps in developing a strong Purple Flag Entry. More recently the Chamber and their working group visited Waterford for a ‘Best Practice Self-Assessment’ workshop as a valuable way of gaining an insight into a town centre that has been awarded Purple Flag ahead of our own self-assessment taking place on Thursday the 7th of July.



What’s Next?

This self-assessment will be taking place between the hours of approx. 5pm and 1am next Thursday the 7th of July. We will be in touch with some of you in order to get involved with our self-assessment and actual assessment (that will take place in November) in terms of a stop off points during these assessments to display your business and offerings. We would really appreciate your support on this in our journey to help us gain purple flag status for Maynooth town – We cannot do it without you.

We have also been conducting a perception’s survey for our submission, if you could take the time to fill in the attached and send it back to me we would really appreciate it. Please feel free to ask colleagues, family members etc. to fill one in also. They can be scanned over to me directly or posted to North Kildare Chamber, Naas Town Centre, Sallins Road, Naas, Co. Kildare.

The more the merrier!


The awarding of the Purple Flag to Maynooth will further secure its footing as a town looking to the future, thinking innovatively and working together to ensure it will be a strong, energetic, entertaining and adaptable town going forward. We are looking forward to submitting a very strong application and working with all key stakeholders in Maynooth. Through effective collaboration, I am sure Maynooth will be the first town in Kildare to be awarded the Purple Flag.

If you have any queries at all, or would directly like to get involved in our self/ actual assessment – please do not hesitate to contact me in the office on 045 894074 or email me at