After months of rigorous inspections by top-secret elves from the North Pole, Quinns are delighted to announce that they have been awarded the first ever Irish licence to produce Reindeer Food. Quinns feed mill traditionally produces ruminant animal feed but this is the first time that Santa’s Reindeer will be fed from the Wicklow mill. Liam Quinn of Quinns reports that “This Magic Reindeer Food is some serious stuff – it has to be mixed just right. Santa’s Elves provided us with the all-important magic dust that helps give the reindeer the ability to fly. We had to send a few samples up the North (pole) over the last few months and by all accounts Rudolph and the rest of them are thriving on our feed and rearing to go.”


As part of the distribution deal with Santa, Quinns have been tasked with helping to get this Reindeer food out to houses far and wide in time for Christmas. People can buy a bottle of limited edition Magic Reindeer Food at any of Quinns branches across 4 counties (see for branch locations).


“The idea is that children can put this magic food out in their gardens on Christmas Eve so that Santa’s reindeer can feed on it and top up their stores of magic as they visit houses through the night. 100% of the funds raised (€2) will be donated to Jack & Jill Children’s foundation. Santa was delighted with this plan as every child deserves to be happy this Christmas.”