Sales and Channel Development Workshop

9-13:00 15th June 2017


Delivered by Donagh Kiernan, Founder & CEO of Tenego


Tenego provides international sales execution services (through both Sales Channels and Direct routes) to growing and established software companies. Through Tenego’s Global Network covering many key markets, they provide programmes and hands-on services in Sales Channel Planning and Development, Direct Sales Execution and Sales Channel Execution. They can help companies grow faster, become more scalable and enter new markets across the world through a range of services.


If you have had no formal sales channel training I would highly recommend this half day workshop.


Topics to be covered include;

  • Learning to Grow and Scalability • Strategy: How you are going to Win? • Your Proposition
  • BullsEye Target Customers • Beating Competition & Alternatives
  • Right-Sized Marketing and Sales Engagement • Prospect Customer Qualification • Implementation and Support Processes scalability considerations
  • Partnering and Partner Type Selection • Direct or Partner Evaluation • Your Market Ecosystem – Customers and Partners • Partner Type Evaluation
  • Partner Recruitment Process & Partner Fit Evaluation
  • Market Selection and Prioritisation
  • Go-to-Market Execution Planning; incorporating direct and/or partners

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