North Kildare Chamber  has today (09/10/14) renewed its call for the 9% VAT rate for the hospitality and tourism sectors to be retained in Budget 2015.

Speaking this afternoon, Allan Shine, CEO of North Kildare Chamber said “SIPTU’s call for the elimination of the 9% VAT rate is simply bizarre. The hospitality and tourism sectors are labour intensive, and employ significant numbers of people in a variety of businesses. It is vital that the businesses in these sectors are supported in order to protect jobs. Maintaining the 9% rate will help protect and grow employment throughout Ireland.  Government policy measures to support the hospitality sector via the 9% VAT rate has been successful in driving competitiveness and securing jobs for the sector. Certainty over the preservation of this rate will allow businesses to make informed decisions and generate additional employment. North Kildare Chamber calls for the retention of the VAT rate till 2020. The continued growth of the Hospitality sector in Kildare will prosper even further with the 9% VAT rate remaining in place till 2020” Shine concluded.