As September comes to a close the viability of thousands of businesses nationally will come into sharp focus this weekend due to the neglect of Government who have taken their eye off the ball with the ongoing uncertainty in regards to an extension on the commercial rate waiver which ends on Sunday. Calls for an extension to the moratorium for a further 12 months have so far been ignored and this is a further blow to the already beleaguered SME sector who have already endured a 42% reduction in the wage subsidy scheme by government for employees and critically face the end of the bank moratorium on loans.

Allan Shine, CEO County Kildare Chamber

Allan Shine, CEO of County Kildare Chamber, the largest business organisation in the Mid-East that represents 400 companies employing over 39,000 employees said “Despite continuous representation to Government we are unclear as to whether the waiver will be extended and if so for how long. Businesses once again face the uncertainty with this waiver, we call for the immediate placing for the rate waiver scheme to remain in place until September 2021.  Cashflow still remains the primary concern for businesses who are trying to decide on for 2021 and in many cases are looking to keep their doors open over the next few months. The rate waiver is allowing businesses to pay suppliers, pay rent, pay their staff and in many cases it is allowing businesses to simply breathe and remain open. The fact that Government has missed this is a real concern.”