tan organic

TanOrganic, the world’s first eco-certified self-tan, is the first beauty company ever to appear on Seedrs, a equity crowdfunding platform in the UK.

The Seedrs platform is equity crowdfunding that makes it simple for people to buy into businesses they believe in and share their success. Simply put crowdfunding makes investing in start-up companies simple and rewarding.

With TanOrganic  crowdfunding has transformed the startup world by giving entrepreneurs a platform to leverage their friends, family and existing base of supporters to raise investment.

It also gives ordinary people the opportunity to invest in the startup they choose to enjoy the excitement of being part of dynamic, high-growth businesses; and help friends, family and community get their business ideas off the ground.

Commenting on the benefits of crowdfunding for high potential start-ups, CEO and TanOrganic founder, Noelle O’Connor, said: “The past year has been a monumental year for TanOrganic, the world’s first eco-certified self-tan. The demand for the premium quality organic product has been unprecedented and it has already sold out twice in 2015.”
“We have some extremely innovative projects in progress including the world’s first completely natural SPF. To facilitate this growth, TanOrganic turned to equity crowd funding platform Seedrs to raise capital for this expansion and the campaign officially kicked off last month.

O’Connor continued: “With the sun care market being the fastest-growing sector in the personal care cosmetic market growing at 6.5 per cent per annum with a global value of €7bn+ in 2013, the opportunity for a new patented natural ingredient that can be used in all sunscreens is clear to be seen.
“The potential for a totally natural sunscreen is enormous and it will completely revolutionise the sunscreen market, not to mention the massive benefits to marine life and the environment.
“This R&D project coupled with the ever increasing expansion has led us at TanOrganic to source funds through crowdfunding with Seedrs. This is a very exciting time for TanOrganic and I would like nothing better than to share this journey with our customers and fans.”

TanOrganic is the first ever cosmetic brand featured on Seedrs and this in itself is a massive achievement, as over 85% of applicants are rejected. TanOrganic has already generated a tremendous buzz on the platform, and within less that 12 hours of its public launch, it has been funded by over 31 per cent of the investment sought.

O’Connor added: “TanOrganic has such loyal and engaged customers that we knew giving them the opportunity to realise and become a part of TanOrganic’s vision was the ideal way to go.”

Once funded, TanOrganic plans to implement a three-pronged growth strategy, focusing on business development, marketing and public relations.
The TanOrganic Seedrs crowdfunding page can be found here: http://www.seedrs.com/tanorganic?promo_code=X2N1POFZ