TY Job Journal

TY Job Journal is the only online platform that connects transition year students from all over Ireland to possible employers for Work Experience.

When students log on to www.tyjobjournal.com they will firstly see a map of Ireland with pins representing each work experience placement in the country that is available. Students can then refine the search to a chosen location, category and whether they want to do a ‘block week’ or ‘part time’ work experience.The goal of the website is to make it easier for students and businesses to connect with each other.

Each business has a ‘job listing’ with an overview of the job and a direct email or contact number to the individual or department in charge of work experience placements in the work place.

Last year I had a fantastic Transition Year as I did a lot of interesting work experience in media and other projects. However students in my year did not enjoy this year as much as I did partly because they couldn’t find work experience to suit them or had no knowledge of who was offering a placement. This is a common problem in schools around the country.

This is where TY Job Journal comes in, Companies/Businesses interested in having a student or students for work experience fill out an online form detailing the job and different information about the business and location, once approved the listing goes live on the site for students to access.

To ensure students are safe on my site, students do not create a profile, only businesses create their profiles. Once the student chooses the listing that they are interested in they are prompted to the ‘apply now’ button which when pressed a popup on the page shows the contact information of the relevant personnel.


Aaron Hurley


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