Friday 18th December 2020

A bespoke innovation programme delivered by Maynooth University’s Innovation Value Institute (IVI) will support companies who are forced to re-think how they do business. The ReThink|ReDesign programme is unique in Ireland. The initiative provides customised help for firms to rethink, redesign, and reboot their business models to recover from the disastrous economic disruption caused by COVID 19, and the critical need to survive and thrive in a post-Brexit economic landscape.

The stresses of Covid-19 and Brexit have accelerated the need for firms to re-design their business model and leverage technology for the benefit of their business. The ‘ReThink|ReDesign’ initiative spearheaded by Maynooth University, Meath Enterprise and County Kildare Chamber aims to address this need. Digitisation will be at the forefront with the company workshops.  Research gathered from the Co Kildare Chamber and Meath Enterprise show that the four main concerns CEO’s have with implementing digitisation practises into their businesses are employee pushback, lack of expertise to lead digitisation initiatives, lack of overall digitisation strategy and limited budget

Allan Shine, CEO of County Kildare Chamber said “Entrepreneurs embracing the new age of AI, digitalisation and High Performance Computing  are more productive, show higher profitability and experience better outcomes.  Businesses engaging in new markets over the past 24 months in the region have increased their turnover by an average of 18%.  Indigenous businesses in the food sector and tech sector are performing extremely well over the past 12 months. Kildare itself is awash with a vibrant eco system of HPSU’s that excites.  In many ways, if a business remains static and still they may not survive but to thrive and succeed they can rely on the Co Kildare Chamber, Meath Enterprise and MU to develop current, bespoke training programmes. The possibility to leverage state supports to fund this practical collaboration between business and a regional third-level institution such as Maynooth University is a game changer for businesses Feedback from our 390 members employing 37,500 show that 62% of businesses in the region will  reinvent, re-model or pivot their business as we enter 2021. In the midst of Brexit, Covid 19 and the uncertainty with transatlantic trade agreements as we saw this week with CETA, businesses can now avail of a bespoke, innovative series of workshops with Maynooth Universities utilising EI vouchers of €5,000.”

“With the evolving and increasing number of entrepreneur led enterprises opening in the mid-east region, now is the time to engage with the ReThink ReDesign programme led by MU, Meath Enterprise and the Chamber. It’s ideal for tech related companies exporting or planning to export into international markets in 2021. Companies in the mid-east region are facing huge challenges with the current pandemic and Brexit.  This innovative programme has being specially crafted to suit all business types and focuses on innovation and digital capabilities,” he added.



Prof Markus Helfert, Director of IVI at Maynooth University, stated: “We are delighted to partner with Meath Enterprise and County Kildare Chamber with this innovation programme.  I have no doubt it will be of value to businesses in the region as we have developed and trialled the programme with a number of SMEs.

Gary O’Meara CEO Meath Enterprise said “The current covid 19 crisis has brought into sharp focus the importance of innovation and demonstrable sustainable business development across all sectors. As we recover from the covid crisis, and as we begin to tackle issues such as climate change, sustainable food production, digital transformation and blended working, the Mideast has demonstrated that it has the companies, the supportive infrastructure and the brainpower to capitalise on emerging opportunities. The University recognises the impact that Covid-19 has had on companies and with Brexit upon us. Our bespoke programmes are well positioned to support businesses across all sectors and of all sizes.”

“The digital economy is real—and it is here to stay. We are witnessing an era unmatched in the history of business innovation and transformation. The resulting pace of change is staggering and lines defining sectors and industries are blurring. Over the next 10 years, 40% of the companies indexed will have ceased to exist unless they keep up with these technology trends according to the World Economic Forum. The Future of Jobs Report tells us that in 2030 one job out of two will have disappeared and 60% of jobs that will be practiced in 2030 don’t yet exist. Leaders in the digital economy are emerging seemingly from out of nowhere like Uber and Airbnb”, he continued.

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