Kevin O’Malley, US Ambassador to Ireland urged Kildare Businesses to explore the US market and says “ Ireland has fought back admirably from the recession and is highly regarded as a country to do business in “.  Companies who attended the lunch hosted by North Kildare Chamber and The K Club included Pfizer, Kerry EMEA, Intel, Kildare Village, IFS and MGS MFG.

Niall Browne, President of North Kildare Chamber welcomed the Ambassador to Kildare and said “  The business community in Kildare welcome you to the home of the only venue in Ireland to host the Ryder Cup ( The K Club)” and acknowledged that whilst Kildare is home to several US Multi Nationals, the county is well equipped to become home to many more.


The Ambassador reinforced the message to a packed room that the EU and the US are currently negotiating to secure an agreement that will help create hundreds of thousands of jobs and pump billions of euros into economies on both sides of the Atlantic.

The talks are aimed at securing a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership  (TTIP)  that will be the  world’s biggest ever bilateral trade and investment.  If  agreement is reached,  The pact will reduce tariffs and regulatory barriers that would encourage jobs and stronger trading ties.  The Ambassador also said “ Kildare companies will hugely benefit from this deal.  I am amazed that on my first visit to Kildare, that so many US companies are already in situ, the county is obviously an ideal location for FDI”

Education is key for the Ambassador’s term in office and high on his own agenda is creating links between universities in Ireland and the US. “ I am amazed that business and education is so well developed in Ireland.  It seems that both the education and business in sector in Ireland are working together and the US can learn so much from you”.


Allan Shine of North Kildare Chamber said after the lunch “ I am delighted that the US Ambassador has visited Kildare today.  It is crucial that we highlight Kildare as the best county in Ireland to do business in.  This lunch has seen all the key businesses in Kildare come together and the main outcome for the Chamber is that we send the right message to local, national government and to key figures internationally – Kildare is open for business.  FDI is high on our agenda for 2015.

Our continued working relationships with Government, Kildare County Council and all key agencies will further enhance Kildare as THE county for  FDI”.  The hosting of this event was made possible with our excellent relationship with Michael Davern and his team in The K Club” Shine concluded.

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