Over the past few years, I have noticed that many people are so busy working “in” their businesses that they are unable to work “on” their businesses.  Many business owners say to me, “If I join the Chamber, it will mean more time away from my business”.  This may be the case but it could be time well spent. .


This isn’t about networking; this is about gaining friends, associates and even advocates.  The people you get to know may or may not do business with you, but the social and emotional return in building lasting relationships can be more meaningful than the financial return you seek.  As you attend events and interact with people outside your normal routines, you will have the opportunity to get to know all kinds of people.  The relationship building skills you pick up or hone can feed into the non-business aspects of your life as well.


Out of sight, out of mind!  While everyone is very focused on online selling, nothing will sell your business better than being in front of people, face-to-face.  Other Chamber members are more likely to buy from you when they see you regularly participate in and attend Chamber meeting and events.  Chambers provide so many opportunities to spend time with potential clients.  So by being seen, you will be in the minds of business people the next time they are looking for the product or service that you provide.


Chambers offer a wide range of advertising and sponsorship packages.  North Kildare Chamber organises over 100 events per year – seminars, briefings, conferences, awards nights, expos and many more.  Beyond paid options, businesses can also promote their products/services/news stories through the Chamber’s website, its social media platforms and the  weekly newsletter which has a distribution list of 3200 contacts.  Chambers are always looking to promote businesses.

Community Connection 

Chambers are not-for-profit organisations.  North Kildare Chamber’s mantra is simple: “To protect, maintain, enhance and promote business in Kildare”.  Chambers work closely with local and national government to provide a business voice when required.  Participating in your local Chamber provides you with an avenue to express your queries and issues to the correct people.  If a major player in the local economy isn’t involved in discussions about the local economy, then the conversation (and of course the potential decisions) may miss a key point of view.  Therefore by joining your local Chamber, your voice will be heard

 Training and Education

Chambers provide excellent training and mentoring programmes. More importantly, they have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to deliver the training and education requirements that businesses require.

 Events and Planning

Membership of a Chamber provides access to all its programmes and events.  Chamber events include breakfast briefings, awards nights, training courses, business lunches, exhibitions, business after hours and networking mornings.  All these initiatives are designed specifically to help build your business, be that through training, promotion or networking.   And, of course, they are a perfect addition to the other methods you are employing to develop their business.

You get out of it what you put in.

Participation is key; you will reap the rewards by becoming involved in your Chamber and attending the events that it provides for businesses.