Clark announce the unveiling of their Annual Salary Guide 2024.

This comprehensive salary guide has been meticulously curated through an in-depth analysis of salary data gathered from over 5000 jobseekers who have registered with Clark over the past 8 months (April to November 2023). Additionally, the examination extends to a detailed review of salary levels across 500 job openings in our region during the same timeframe. The current job market remains candidate-centric, characterised by an abundance of job openings in comparison to available job seekers. This dynamic presents a challenge for businesses, who may find it difficult to locate and attract the skilled professionals they require. While some employers are adopting a cautious recruitment approach, those who delay in making hiring decisions risk losing preferred candidates to competitors who extend prompt job offers.


Projected Salary Increases

Projected salary increases for 2024 are anticipated to be more restrained compared to the notable upswings observed in recent years. This moderation

may prompt certain professionals to explore alternative opportunities. Many employers are cognizant of this trend, with many opting to enhance compensation in efforts to retain valuable team members and bolster their competitiveness in a challenging hiring landscape.


Flexible Talent Model

In order to navigate the complexities of a competitive hiring market, businesses are increasingly embracing a flexible talent model. This involves engaging the services of both temporary and contract professionals, along with leveraging outsourced managed solutions. Each of these options presents a unique approach to alleviating talent shortages and providing immediate support for short-term projects, new business ventures, or internal pressures.


Disciplines Covered by our Salary Guide

Our salary guide provides comprehensive insights across various job sectors, including Human Resources, Accountancy, Financial Services, Sales, Retail, Marketing, Business Support, Environmental Health & Safety, Quality, Manufacturing, Engineering, Supply Chain, Logistics, and IT. It encompasses salary data for over 312 distinct roles. The primary objective of this guide is to furnish accurate information regarding salary levels throughout Ireland, with a specific focus on the mid Leinster region.


We are confident that it will serve as valuable “go-to tool” for both employers and employees, facilitating strategic planning for 2024.

DOWNLOAD the guide  Clark-Salary-Guide-2024

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